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The American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD) is an international organization consisting of a broad spectrum of allied mental health experts working to improve the quality of care for patients with ADHD through the exchange of research, best practices and evidence-based insights. While APSARD will fill unmet education and training needs for healthcare professionals helping patients with ADHD across the continuum of care, from childhood through adulthood, APSARD has a strong emphasis on adults.
Educational Mission
ADHD is one of the only mental health disorders that starts in childhood. Given that childhood symptoms persist in a majority of adolescents and adults, it is critical that healthcare professionals are properly educated and trained to ensure effective continuity of patient care. Led by a diverse Board consisting of global experts in fields such as psychiatry, epidemiology, ethics, coaching, and pediatrics, APSARD’s goal is to work with ADHD patient organizations to heighten the public’s understanding of ADHD to reduce stigma and further promote effective dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients.

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